Check Application Status
1. The following information has to be entered exactly as per the information available in the Passport:
  I. First Name, Middle Name and Surname of the child.
  II. Date of Birth of the Child.
  III. Father's Name (As per Father's passport).
  IV. Mother's Name (As per Mother's passport).
2. It is mandatory to enter all the fields which are marked in red viz. Admission for class, First Name, Surname etc.
3. If you are opting for Admission for any class between classes V and IX then it is a must for you to specify the 2nd language option (Hindi or French).
4. Enter the name of the present school, its location, class in which studying, affiliation of the school to a board (if any) and the medium of instruction in the school if you are seeking admission in class other than KG-I.
5. Academic record needs to be entered in case you are seeking admission for the child in any of the classes between KG-II to IX and XI.
6. In case there are siblings of the child presently studying in the school then please specify the admission number, class and section for any one of the siblings.
7. Please enter the PO Box Address of the office. Do not mention the name of the organisation.
You must enter atleast one of the two: Father's Office Address or Mother's Office Address.
8. It is important for you to correctly mention the address for correspondence and phone number.

Please start by filling the basic information below:
 Admission For Academic Year
 For Class
 Date of Birth